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Our Story

At America Loan Service, our goal is to help Americans avoid bad debt.

Over 20% of Americans have bad credit, which makes them extremely vulnerable to financial stress. With their ability to borrow compromised, their options are limited when an unexpected expense occurs.

We help to minimize the harm caused by unexpected expenses by connecting people with the most suitable lenders, or suggesting alternative options to financing.

Few good options exist for people with bad credit to borrow money, so we created Novita to help people build their credit and reduce debt so they can qualify for good loans and avoid bad debts in the first place.

Our Team

Anthony Isaacson  LinkedIn

CEO & Co-Founder

Anthony has over 8 years of experience in finance, with a focus on bad credit. Before founding America Loan Service, he was a product manager at ZingBox, a cybersecurity startup, where helped launch their machine-learning driven security product.

He has a B.Sc in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) and holds a patent on machine learning visualization.

Anthony is also the founder of Novita Financial, a personal financial management application built for people with bad credit.

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