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Know your DTI before you apply. Get your DTI below 50% before applying for a loan.

Anthony Isaacson|June 14th, 2018
California has one of the highest lifetime costs of debt with an average of $368,745.00. Californi...
Edward Mason|June 12th, 2018

Use this mortgage calculator to find out the maximum mortgage you can afford.

Edward Mason|June 5th, 2018
A co-signer is a person (parent, grandparent, close family member or friend) who signs a loan with y...
Anthony Isaacson|May 20th, 2018
A Jumbo Loan also know as a Jumbo Mortgage is a mortgage for amounts that exceed the conforming ...
Anthony Isaacson|May 9th, 2018
A lending institution (bank, credit union etc) can only offer the products from their particular ins...
Anthony Isaacson|May 9th, 2018