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11 Month High Risk Loan Of $81000 With A Bad FICO Credit Score Of 496

A high risk loan is a loan financing that has a higher likelihood of default in comparison to a traditional loan. The greatest risk is normally a poor credit score and or outstanding collections. There are only a few lenders that will consider working with high-risk loans and a few are listed here.

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Alissa made an attempt to get a high risk loan for $80,000.00 last year, but was declined

Principle of LoanLength of Term (Years)Interest Rate (APR)Monthly Installment PaymentLending Institution
$80210.00 5 9.4% $1680.64 AuburnBank
$80340.00 4 8.1% $1965.11 Bank of the South
$80270.00 5 6.3% $1563.07 Alabama City Bank of Gadsden, Alabama

Alissa has a personal loan of $20,000 lent by The Citizens Bank of Georgiana from 3 months ago

Starting Interest Rate (APR)Remaining principleLender nameLender cityLender StateLoan Obtained
7.6% APR $17188.03 outstanding AuburnBank Auburn Alabama 7 months ago
10.1% APR $16442.53 outstanding Bank of the South Abbeville Alabama 7 months ago
10.0% APR $12960.12 outstanding Alabama City Bank of Gadsden, Alabama Gadsden Alabama 19 months ago
8.6% APR $13579.17 outstanding The Exchange Bank, Attalla, Alabama Attalla Alabama 13 months ago
7.5% APR $15190.88 outstanding Robertson Banking Company Demopolis Alabama 12 months ago
6.0% APR $12698.72 outstanding East Gadsden Bank Gadsden Alabama 12 months ago

High risk loan from Bank of Evergreen in Evergreen -- 36401, Alabama

Searching loans often impact borrowers credit scores. When approved, people undergo alterations to their credit. Alissa experienced numerous changes to her credit during the application process for this $80,000 high-risk loan. The bank completed a hard pull on my account. Alissa had an original credit score of 596.

  • Alissa had a rating on the Fico scale of 596, which is looked upon by lenders as bad credit
  • When it comes to Transunion, Alissa possessed an initial rating of 580, and so Alissa has a bad credit score
  • Alissa had a rating on the Experian scale of 611, which is looked upon by lenders as bad credit

Alissa now has a Fico score of 596. This is a bad credit rating

Fico Score: 596

With the Transunion scale, Alissa has a bad credit score of 580. This score changes how lenders will view their credit, and as a result, the APR of their loan

Transunion Score: 580

On the Experian scale, Alissa has a bad credit score of 611, that will have impacted their loan APR

Experian Score: 611

Fico credit ratings are changed as a result of obtaining financing with credit. Credit can be changed by as little as 46 points, depending on the quality of the high risk loan. Alissa found an APR of 10.5, which is reasonable for a client like them.

The Fico score of Alissa was reduced to 559 from 596 due to this high risk loan application. We should not forget, any loan will reduce your credit rating. We have experienced clients having credit fluctuations of as much as 82 points on the Transunion scale. This is significant.

Standard Lender profile of Bank of Evergreen of Evergreen

Bank of Evergreen we believe to be a loan provider located in Evergreen, Alabama. This bank has 1 location currently, which is a small number of offices. Normally, lenders with such a large number of locations like Bank of Evergreen will lend to better credit people preferentially versus other, more average lenders. This is a result of the fact that they cannot afford to take risks with their capital. Most banks have all-in asset ranges of about $797 million while Bank of Evergreen has $57,570,000 total assets, making them a reasonable choice for men with fair credit ratings.
At the time of this writing, Bank of Evergreen is probably active; this indicates that you currently cannot procure financing from this bank. While we cannot be certain, our records are currently up to date with the FDIC's (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). Active lenders similar to Bank of Evergreen may or may not still be providing loans this month.

Alissa experience from Bank of Evergreen at 146 West Front Street:
The bank was unable to finance my loan.

Alissa, a person from Evergreen, at first inquired regarding a loan of $81000. They wanted a high-risk loan.

Life is crazy sometimes, especially mine. I'm Alissa from Evergreen, Alabama and my nearest lender is Bank of Evergreen. I have inquired with Bank of Evergreen a few times and have been rejected. I want a high risk loan for $81000.Thanks, Alissa.

Borrower Information: Alissa
  • Client name: Alissa 
  • County: Conecuh
  • Home State: Alabama
  • Current zip code: 36406
  • Current income: $34,000
  • Profession: health case reception
  • Credit Card Debt: $1000 on their The Workmen's Circle Visa® Card

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Past Applications

Application from: Emanuella

City: Reno
State: Nevada
Credit Rating (FICO): 435
Profession: delivery driver
Amount Requested: $6000
Age: 56
Current Debt: 83,000
Yearly Income: 52,000
Zip Code: 89502


We live in Reno Nevada and require an medical procedure not covered by my insurance company. I am trained in the field of delivery driver and attended Kirkwood Community College. My current income is $83,000.00 per year and need a unsecured loan in the amount of $76,000.00. I would like the loan term to be 57 months. will you send me information on loans with an APR lower than 8%.

Reply to: Emanuella

Application from: Yomaira

City: Greenwood
State: Indiana
Credit Rating (FICO): 598
Profession: bus boy / bus girl
Amount Requested: $92000
Age: 58
Current Debt: 59,000
Yearly Income: 64,000
Zip Code: 46142


We consolidated our debt recently. It was the greatest decision we could have done for us. it felt like all we did repay loans and we usually were late with at least a couple payments. We were on a 'no win' path. our family reached out for a debt consolidation loan. we are so happy we did. one payment with lower interest rates. we should have done this a long time ago.

Reply to: Yomaira

Application from: Briar

City: Clayton
State: Missouri
Credit Rating (FICO): 767
Profession: numerical tool programmer
Amount Requested: $180000
Age: 49
Current Debt: 66,000
Yearly Income: 21,000
Zip Code: 63105


terrible injury in the family : sadly found a payday loan - went on a outing I wasn't able to pay for - am desperate and need a good loan for $180000. This is happening in Clayton in Missouri. I went to Waldorf College , which isn't a good school I know : we're educated .

Reply to: Briar

Application from: Dava

City: Crete
State: Illinois
Credit Rating (FICO): 774
Profession: petroleum refinery operator
Amount Requested: $168000
Age: 42
Current Debt: 53,000
Yearly Income: 51,000
Zip Code: 60417


terrible injury in the family - took an payday loan - left on on a outing i couldn't pay for : really need a debt consolidation loan for $168000. This is happening in Crete , Illinois. I studied at Aurora University , which is a great school I know - we're educated !

Reply to: Dava

Application from: Floriana

City: New Bedford
State: Massachusetts
Credit Rating (FICO): 501
Profession: motor vehicle inspector
Amount Requested: $62000
Age: 39
Current Debt: 71,000
Yearly Income: 50,000
Zip Code: 2742


Our family consolidated our personal loans last year. It is the best decision we did for us. it felt as though all we did was pay bills and we never lowered the balance. We were on a 'no win' path. we contacted for a debt consolidation loan. what a difference. our consolidated loan will be paid off in 5 years. we should have done this a long time ago.

Reply to: Floriana

Application from: DeSean Tetter

City: Elkhart
State: IN
Credit Rating (FICO): 496
Profession: Fork lift driver
Amount Requested: $2500
Age: 22
Current Debt: Yes
Yearly Income: 25920
Zip Code: 46514

Message:Need loan

Reply to: DeSean Tetter

Application from: Desiree

City: Burch
State: Michigan
Credit Rating (FICO): 527
Profession: Store Manager
Amount Requested: $12000
Age: 32
Current Debt: Yes
Yearly Income: 36890
Zip Code: 49829


Need a loan tp consolidate bills and clean up my credit

Reply to: Desiree

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