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Candi Has A Fico Score Of 514, And Gets $6000 From The First National Bank Of Spearville

We were contacted by Candi who had a credit score of 514 with Equifax and 533 with Experian looking for $6,000 in Kansas. We created a list of options for Candi and listed them below including a free credit rebuilding option.  

Candi just started her job in biomedical science in Spearville, Kansas. Having studied at Baylor College of Dentistry of Tx A&M Health Sci Ctr, Candi acquired $6,000 in credit card debt on an Amalgamated Bank MasterCard Gold Plus. The interest rate on this MasterCard was 24%. Candi requires an unsecured loan to lower the interest expense. Just starting out in this career, Candi monthly income does not allow her to pay against the principal on the credit card and she is only paying interest payments. Candi had a lot of debt in the past and went to a debt settlement company to pay everything off. Her credit score is in the low 500's after going through that experience. If you have just started a new job and are looking for a great company to clear up debt outstanding debt, here are a few providers. 

Bad Credit Loan Providers

Personal Loan Providers

Candi made an effort to obtain an unsecured loan for $21,000.00 last year and was declined

Principle of LoanLength of Term (Years)Interest Rate (APR)Monthly Installment PaymentLending Institution

$20850.00 9 5.6% $246.22 The Farmers and Merchants State Bank
$20900.00 8 7.7% $292.28 The Citizens State Bank, Liberal, Kansas
$21360.00 3 6.6% $655.64 The Union State Bank
$21480.00 9 6.2% $260.01 Fidelity State Bank and Trust Company
$21440.00 9 8.3% $282.47 The Mission State Bank & Trust Company

Candi has an unsecured loan from months ago of $39,000 lent by UMB Farmers National Bank of Abilene from 4 months ago

Starting Interest Rate (APR)Remaining principleLender nameLender cityLender StateLoan Obtained
6.1% APR $26684.39 outstanding Citizens Bank and Trust Company Abilene Kansas
8.8% APR $35290.32 outstanding The Morrill and Janes Bank and Trust Company Merriam Kansas
7.1% APR $33685.32 outstanding The Citizens State Bank, Liberal, Kansas Liberal Kansas
8.5% APR $27906.24 outstanding Citizens State Bank Osage City Kansas
11.2% APR $30265.56 outstanding The Peoples Bank Pratt Kansas

Unsecured loan for $6000 in Kansas near 67876

Applying for loans often alters clients credit scores. Once accepted, clients undergo changes to their credit. Candi underwent numerous changes to their credit during the approval of this $6000 unsecured loan. Candi had an initial credit score of 514.

  • When it comes to Fico, Candi had an initial credit score of 514, thus Candi has a fair credit score
  • On the Transunion scale, Candi had a 498 credit score, a fair credit rating
  • On the Experian scale, Candi had a 533 credit rating, a fair credit score

Candi got accepted by The First National Bank of Spearville despite their fair credit rating. Here are their relevant information

  • The First National Bank of Spearville
  • Street Address: 401 North Main St
  • Branch city: Spearville
  • Branch state: Kansas

Candi has a Fico score of 514. This is a poor credit score

Fico Score: 514

Using the Transunion scale, Candi has a bad credit rating of 498. This rating alters how banks will view their credit, and thus, the interest rate on their loan

Transunion Score: 498

Candi had an Experian rating of 533, viewed as a bad credit rating 

Experian Score: 533

Candi had a change in their credit as an obvious result of this loan

Applying for capital for a personal loan several times within a small amount of time will reduce an individual's credit rating. In the case of Candi, Fico decreased from 514 to 493.

Comment from Candi after applying with The First National Bank of Spearville at 401 North Main St:
I had damaged my credit when I missed credit card payments and went to a debt settlement service. My credit score dropped to 514. My Dad helped me with getting a loan at this bank. Now that I have a new job and this loan in place,  It will take me a while to get my credit score back up to over 650. I started working with a credit score repair company and hope to get my credit score back above 600 in the next 6 to 12 months.   

Request For Unsecured Loan From Candi

Can you please help me find a $6000 as an unsecured loan within the few weeks? I really need to stop only paying interest every month. Thanks, Candi

Borrower Details: Candi
  • County: Ford
  • Home State: Kansas
  • Current zip code: 67881
  • Current income: Undisclosed
  • Profession: biomedical science
  • Credit Card Debt: $1000 on their Amalgamated Bank MasterCard Gold Plus

Candi is from Spearville, Kansas and was working on debt settlement with American Eagle Outfitters Visa Credit Card totaling $9200.00, Home Depot $7000.00, car $12000.00  After discussing with the debt settlement managers, she started the process. She has now completed all of the payments and her credit score is 498 to 533. She had another credit card with $6,000 and took out a loan to pay that off. She now has a new job with a good income, all of the debt is under control and she had one payment on the new loan. Candi says that she will never get into a position like this again, it was so hard to go through with all of the creditors. 

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Past Applications

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City: Windsor
State: New york
Credit Rating (FICO): 514
Profession: Profession not given
Amount Requested: $500.00
Age: 35
Current Debt:
Yearly Income: 23500
Zip Code: 13865


Hi There

New York Co-Signed Loans for Bad Credit

Backed offers low-interest loans with a co-signer in New York State Your co-signer will require a credit score of 720 and earn at least $50,000. annually to qualify Max Loan Amount: $25,000 APR: from 2.99% (fixed) to 15.99% Loan term from 12 to 36 months Must be 18+ years old and be an American citizen or permanent resident Origination fee of .8% to 2% of loan amount Offering loans in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia There are no prepayment fees Late fee after the 15-day grace period $20. Personal check processing fee of $10. Unsuccessful payment fee of $15.

Reply to: Eric P*

Application from: Sarah*

City: Detroit
State: Mi
Credit Rating (FICO): 514
Profession: Cleaner
Amount Requested: $5000
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Yearly Income: 20000
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Message:Hi Sarah,

Bad Credit Unsecured Personal Loan from $500 to $5,000

Any Credit Score Can Apply

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Application from: Tommi

City: Columbia
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Credit Rating (FICO): 590
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Amount Requested: $15000
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Current Debt: College tuition and personal loans I would love to pay off
Yearly Income: 30000
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I am looking for a loan to pay off some personal loans I have, get my 2000 Volkswagen fixed for my son to drive back and forth to college, and to put a down payment on a newer car for myself.

Reply to: Tommi

Application from: Steven

City: Fresno
State: Ca
Credit Rating (FICO): 514
Profession: Profession not given
Amount Requested: $1000
Age: 59
Current Debt: 0
Yearly Income: 42000
Zip Code: 93705


Please approve me so that can get my dental work done pretty please sir or ma'am.

Reply to: Steven


June 22nd, 2019

Hi Steven - 

I am sending a link to a lender that may be able to help you find a hardship loan for bad credit. Please check the terms and conditions should you be approved as the rates will be higher than traditional lenders.

As well, I would encourage you to join Novita Financial, an online program that helps you repair and rebuild your credit score.  You can see a huge improvement in as little as three months.  They remind you of payments and help you clean up your credit report.

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