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Kenia Has A Fico Score Of 586, And Gets $86000 From The Bank Of Fruitland

Kenia, an alumnus of Harrington College of Design, requires a debt consolidation loan for $86000 to finance a purchase for his family and pay off credit card debt. Kenia began his career as a high school administrator in Fruitland, Maryland. Having studied at Harrington College of Design, Kenia has now taken up a career as a court administrator. Before starting his job, Kenia acquired $36,000 in credit card debt on their PNC Bank points Visa Business Credit Card. The APR on this PNC Bank points Visa Business Credit Card was 24%. Kenia required a debt consolidation loan, even as a court administrator it is difficult to pay back huge amounts of credit card debt.

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Kenia made an effort to obtain a debt consolidation loan for $21,000.00 last year and was declined

Principle of LoanLength of Term (Years)Interest Rate (APR)Monthly Installment PaymentLending Institution

$21350.00 9 5.8% $254.22 The Citizens National Bank
$20850.00 4 5.8% $487.75 Farmers & Mechanics Bank
$20660.00 7 8.2% $324.07 Maryland National Bank

Kenia has a debt consolidation loan from before of $7,000 from Suburban Bank/Western from years ago

Starting Interest Rate (APR)Remaining principleLender nameLender cityLender StateLoan Obtained
6.6% APR $4206.82 outstanding American Security Bank, National Association Silver Spring Maryland 33 months ago
5.0% APR $4886.4 outstanding The Forest Hill State Bank Bel Air Maryland 36 months ago
5.5% APR $5692.33 outstanding Boonsboro Bank of Boonsboro, Maryland Boonsboro Maryland 33 months ago
5.7% APR $6364.0 outstanding Farmers Bank Mardela Springs Maryland 33 months ago
11.2% APR $4588.72 outstanding St. Michaels Bank St. Michaels Maryland 38 months ago
9.8% APR $6259.8 outstanding Equitable Bank, National Association Baltimore Maryland 35 months ago
10.1% APR $6466.39 outstanding First Virginia Bank-Central Maryland Bel Air Maryland 33 months ago

Debt consolidation loan for $86000 - Fruitland, Maryland

Searching for financing frequently can impact your credit score. When accepted, clients experience changes to their credit. Kenia underwent many variations to their credit during the acceptance of this $86000 debt consolidation loan. Kenia had an original credit score of 586.

  • On the Fico system, Kenia had a 586 credit score, a fair credit score
  • Kenia possessed a value on the Transunion scale of 568, which is regarded as fair credit
  • When it comes to Experian, Kenia had an initial rating of 601, and so Kenia has a fair credit rating

Data on the loan provider called The Bank of Fruitland from Fruitland, Maryland which gave the $86000 debt consolidation loan

  • The Bank of Fruitland
  • Street Address: 109 East Main Street
  • Branch city: Fruitland
  • Branch state: Maryland
  • Branch zip code: 21826
  • Branch County: Wicomico

Using the Fico scale, Kenia has a fair credit score of 586

Fico Score: 586

Kenia has a Transunion score of 568. This is a fair credit rating. Credit scores like that of Kenia influence lending decisions

Transunion Score: 568

Kenia had an Experian rating of 601, regarded as a fair credit score. These fair credit scores will hugely change outcomes.

Experian Score: 601

Experian has been altered due to this $86000 debt consolidation loan. Rating change: 586 - 565

If Kenia had not obtained this debt consolidation loan of $86000, their fico may have improved to over 650. Instead, it decreased to 565. Be careful regarding which loans options you select, as it could harshly alter your financial options.

Kenia comments after dealing with The Bank of Fruitland at 109 East Main Street:
The interest rate of 7.84% was set based on the equity in our home and my credit score. We took out a home equity loan.  It was a positive experience working with this lender.

Request For Debt Consolidation Loan From Kenia

Salutations I am Kenia hailing from Fruitland, Maryland. I need financing of about $86000, ideally with an APR of 5%. If you can't do this, it will place us in great jeopardy. I really need a debt consolidation loan, but may think about a different type of financing. A debt consolidation loan should change my life, especially if the interest rate is really low.

Client Information: Kenia
  • Client name: Kenia 
  • County: Wicomico
  • Home State: Maryland
  • Current zip code: 21827
  • Current income: undisclosed
  • Current Credit Card Debt: $5000 on their PNC Bank points Visa Business Credit Card

7.84% Debt Consolidation For Kenia In Fruitland, Maryland

The Bank of Fruitland initiated analyzing their TransUnion fico credit score. The capital was needed to pay credit card debt and borrowed money from friends and family. The higher interest rate was applied for the poor credit score and Kenia would have saved a lot of money had he repaired his credit first. 

Debt Settlement Can Provide A Way Out Of The Darkest Times In Fruitland, Maryland. Before You Consider Bankruptcy Talk To The Folks We Have Recommended On Our Site.

Kenia from Fruitland, Maryland has never had success with money management. They have fallen behind with monthly payments. In response, they went to FCNB Bank in Fruitland, Maryland to get one loan to pay off all outstanding payments. Most lending institutions choose not to lend to people with bad credit, Kenia was fortunate to have equity to use.

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Past Applications

Application from: Amanda*

City: San Jacinto
State: CA
Credit Rating (FICO): 599
Profession: Self employed home services
Amount Requested: $10000
Age: 40
Current Debt: 10000
Yearly Income: 57000
Zip Code: 92583

Message:Hi Amanda You were looking for a business loan and I'm sorry it took us so long to get back to you. OnDeck offers business loans from $5,000 to $500,000.00 Worth a try if you business qualifies. We are not lenders, we only make recommendations based on the information you've provided. Good luck, Gerald Proctor America loan Service Mountain View, California 94040

Reply to: Amanda*

Application from: Diana C*

City: Maysville
State: NC
Credit Rating (FICO): 586
Profession: Secretary
Amount Requested: $500
Age: 31
Current Debt: None
Yearly Income: 30000
Zip Code: 28555

Message:It's for my light bill Hi Diana, Try this lender.

Bad Credit Unsecured Personal Loan from $500 to $5,000

Any Credit Score Can Apply

Reply to: Diana C*

Application from: Darlene*

City: Memphis
State: TN
Credit Rating (FICO): 586
Profession: Secretary
Amount Requested: $40000
Age: 59
Current Debt: Yes
Yearly Income: 33620
Zip Code: 38125

Message:I am trying to pay off all my bills Hi Darlene, You will require a 670-700 credit score to qualify for a $40,000.00 loan and your debt to income will need to be lower than 40%. If you have a home or property that you can use for collateral, would recommend doing that to keep your costs down. Our experience is that you can borrow about $5,000 with a credit score below 600. All the best. Gerald Proctor America loan Service Mountain View, California 94040

Reply to: Darlene*

Application from: Michelle

State: Wisconsin
Credit Rating (FICO): 586
Profession: Profession not given
Amount Requested: $260000
Age: Age not given
Current Debt: 17000
Yearly Income: 50000
Zip Code: 53059


The only thing that has been offered to me as $1000 high interest loan which won’t help me

Reply to: Michelle

Application from: Steven

City: West City
State: Utah
Credit Rating (FICO): 586
Profession: Self Employed home services
Amount Requested: $11000
Age: 33
Current Debt: 10,000
Yearly Income: 92000
Zip Code: 84120


I know my credit isn’t that great and I recently got engaged so would like to clean my credit up. As well as prove that I’m not 18 who doesn’t use or understand the proper way to live within your means and go crazy buying everything you thought you needed and then completely screw my credit and credit score up. Also i just found out in March of 2019 that I was a victim of identity theft and that the guy is in jail but took out an 800 dollar loan in my name and also tried to get other things so I have a lot of hard pulls on my credit now due to this guy and those hard pulls have negatively affected my credit. Basically I just want to clean my credit up to buy a house for my future wife and child, and to prove that I’m not the 18 year old kid who lived way beyond his means

Reply to: Steven

Application from: Lisa

City: Bridgeport
State: Connecticut
Credit Rating (FICO): 586
Profession: Profession not given
Amount Requested: $25000
Age: Age not given
Current Debt: $22,491.11
Yearly Income: Income Not Specified
Zip Code: 6608


I'm having my 2nd child and I just need help financially to pay some medical bills and to get baby things for my child. I have nobody to help and I need the loan. Please help me

Reply to: Lisa

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