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Sterling Receives A Quick Loan Of $98000 With A Bad FICO Credit Score

Sterling owns a small business and required additional capital to purchase rental inventory. Revenues in the business have been strong but Sterlings credit score was damaged during the downturn in the economy and he was struggling to rebuild. He is looking for a small business loan provider that will help with a loan even when your personal credit score is damaged. We have listed a few providers that can help.  

Sterling attempted to obtain a quick loan for $64,000.00 last year but was declined

Principle of LoanLength of Term (Years)Interest Rate (APR)Monthly Installment PaymentLending Institution
$64460.00 8 9.3% $954.41 NationsBank of Florida, National Association
$63580.00 4 8.8% $1576.16 Century Bank and Trust
$63880.00 4 6.4% $1511.97 Bank of Madison
$63630.00 7 7.4% $972.84 Bank of Hazlehurst
$64240.00 10 11.3% $895.85 The Citizens and Southern Bank of Dublin
$64340.00 9 6.7% $794.91 Habersham Bank
$64130.00 4 8.5% $1580.7 Coffee County Bank

Sterling has a quick loan from years ago of $11,000 courtesy of First South Bank, National Association from 2 months in the past

Starting Interest Rate (APR)Remaining principleLender nameLender cityLender StateLoan Obtained
8.7% APR $9186.08 outstanding NationsBank of Florida, National Association Valdosta Georgia 8 months ago
5.7% APR $5669.6 outstanding Century Bank and Trust Milledgeville Georgia 16 months ago
9.1% APR $5789.06 outstanding Bank of Madison Madison Georgia 19 months ago
8.0% APR $8299.82 outstanding Bank of Hazlehurst Hazlehurst Georgia 14 months ago
5.4% APR $9739.6 outstanding The Citizens and Southern Bank of Dublin Dublin Georgia 8 months ago
11.6% APR $5551.1 outstanding Habersham Bank Clarkesville Georgia 15 months ago

A quick loan from Bank of Hancock County in Sparta -- 31087, Georgia

Searching loans often change clients credit scores. When approved, individuals undergo changes to their credit. Sterling experienced many changes to their credit over the course of the approval of this $98000 quick loan. Sterling had a starting credit score of 437.

  • Sterling possessed a rating on the Fico rating system of 437, which is considered bad credit
  • Sterling possessed a value on the Transunion rating system of 425, which is looked upon by lenders as bad credit
  • On the Experian scale, Sterling had a 448 credit score, a bad credit score

Sterling obtained this quick loan from Bank of Hancock County, an institution of lending from Georgia

  • Bank of Hancock County
  • Street Address: 12855 Broad Street
  • Branch city: Sparta
  • Branch state: Georgia
  • Branch zip code: 31087
  • Branch County: Hancock

Sterling had a Fico score of 437, regarded as a bad credit rating

Fico Score: 437

Computed with the Transunion scale, Sterling has a bad credit rating of 425. This score impacts how banks will view their credit, and as a result, the APR on their loan

Transunion Score: 425

Using the Experian scale, Sterling has a bad credit score of 448, which will have altered their loan APR

Experian Score: 448

Fico credit scores are impacted as a result of completing a hard pull on your credit. Your credit score can change for a few months after applying for new credit.  

Sterlings experience with Bank of Hancock County at 12855 Broad Street: The loan amount of $98000 I applied for was rejected because my credit was considered bad. My business is doing very well now, but I need to rebuild my credit score before going back to a traditional bank. I have seen business loan companies online that will consider a loan application even with bad credit.

Sterling, an individual from Sparta, originally asked about the financing of $98000. They needed a quick loan.

My name is Sterling and I'm from Sparta, Georgia, and my closest lender is Bank of Hancock County. I checked with Bank of Hancock County and did not receive a loan offer. I need a quick loan for $98000 for my business. I don't want to pay more than 11% APR  Thank you, Sterling.

Client Information: Sterling
  • Client name: Sterling 
  • County: Hancock
  • Home State: Georgia
  • Current zip code: 31096
  • Current income: undisclosed
  • Profession: builder
  • Credit Card Debt: $2000 on their LensCrafters Credit Card

Debt consolidation for Sterling in Sparta, Georgia

Sterling is located in Sparta, Georgia and has been searching for a method to consolidate debt as their monthly bills are higher than their monthly income. Sterling decided to go to Bank of Hancock County for another quick loan and the loans officer retrieved their Fico score and walked through this with them. The credit score was 427. Sterling was informed that they had a lot more debt than first realized and was denied another loan without paying off outstanding debt that had been left unpaid.

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Past Applications

Application from: Hortencia P**

City: Palmdale
State: California
Credit Rating (FICO): 448
Profession: Postal worker
Amount Requested: $10000
Age: 34
Current Debt: 9378
Yearly Income: 36592
Zip Code: 93551


Hi Hortencia,

We sent you an email with a few choice lenders that may be able to help you. With your Fico score at 448, we are limited on the lenders we can recommend. America Loan Service is not a lender and we do not make lending decisions. We hope the providers that we sent you can help with your request of $10,000.00 for a personal loan. Our one lenders offers a $35,000.00 limit and may help you up to that amount. You can also see our page under personal loans and you can apply there. You may also want to check out our bad credit page and apply there. The only issue is that they have a $5,000.00 lending cap.

Good luck

America Loan Team

Reply to: Hortencia P**

Application from: Chibuike

City: Los Angeles
State: California
Credit Rating (FICO): 381
Profession: quality control technician
Amount Requested: $32000
Age: 28
Current Debt: 57,000
Yearly Income: 52,000
Zip Code: 90067


fico score is okay. looking for small amount of loan to purchase a new fridge thx for info on lenders

Reply to: Chibuike

Application from: Ndeye

City: Kelliher
State: Minnesota
Credit Rating (FICO): 662
Profession: transit and railroad police
Amount Requested: $24000
Age: 37
Current Debt: 32,000
Yearly Income: 99,000
Zip Code: 56650


Need a private loan for random things on the internet should be $24000 AT LEAST we can't afford any more than $177 so rates gotta be less than 4.63%

Reply to: Ndeye

Application from: Belinda A.

City: Moody
State: Texas
Credit Rating (FICO): 448
Profession: Respiratory therapist
Amount Requested: $4000
Age: 35
Current Debt: 50000
Yearly Income: 34000
Zip Code: 76557


Hi Belinda,

With your current Fico score of 448 and $50,000.00 in debt, it will be difficult for us to find anyone to help you as your requesting to add additional debt to what you already have. We will forward your information onto the lender we feel best suits your Fico score and loan requirements. They will contact you directly via email if they are able to help you based on the criteria you have provided. America Loan Service is not a lender. America Loan Service has no influence on the lenders decisions and the financial relationship will be between you and the institution providing the loan. Wishing you success in finding what you are looking for. Regards, America Loan Service team

Reply to: Belinda A.

Application from: Jessica M Tucker

City: Burlington
State: NC
Credit Rating (FICO): 437
Profession: Certified Residental Aid
Amount Requested: $1000
Age: 34
Current Debt: 6000
Yearly Income: 39234
Zip Code: 27217


Reply to: Jessica M Tucker

Application from: Angelia*

City: Hamilton
State: New Jersey
Credit Rating (FICO): 425
Profession: medical biller
Amount Requested: $5000.00
Age: 38
Current Debt: 10000
Yearly Income: 35000
Zip Code: 8610

Message:Looking to move and have moving expenses that need to be covered. My credit score is an issue with most banks so I am unable to obtain any loan from a local bank. Hi Angelia, You did not provide an email. Come back again.

Reply to: Angelia*

Application from: Sarah

City: New Albany
State: Indiana
Credit Rating (FICO): 425
Profession: Profession not given
Amount Requested: $500
Age: 30
Current Debt: None
Yearly Income: 28000
Zip Code: 47150


Reply to: Sarah

Application from: Minkyu

City: Pinckneyville
State: Illinois
Credit Rating (FICO): 673
Profession: public transportation inspector
Amount Requested: $24000
Age: 59
Current Debt: 11,000
Yearly Income: 89,000
Zip Code: 62274


I live in Pinckneyville Illinois and am on sick leave from work. I need money to buy a car My credit isn't bad - could be around 529. I need anywhere from $8,000.00 as soon as possible. I have tried a few banks and they won't help.

Reply to: Minkyu

Application from: Sierra T*

City: Lexington
State: Kentucky
Credit Rating (FICO): 425
Profession: Home Services Consultant
Amount Requested: $10000
Age: 21
Current Debt: Medical
Yearly Income: 49000
Zip Code: 40511

Message:Sierra, With a credit score of 425, we do not have a recommendation for a lender offering $10,000.00 loans.

Reply to: Sierra T*

Application from: Emily G*

City: Elizabethtown
State: Ky
Credit Rating (FICO): 425
Profession: Charge Nurse
Amount Requested: $2000
Age: 44
Current Debt: 14500
Yearly Income: 61500
Zip Code: 42701

Message:I am getting married next month and need just a little help with honeymoon costs. Will have loan paid off ASAP Hi Emily, With your credit score at 425, check out They will take applications regardless of credit score. They offer loans from $500.00 to $5,000.00 If you have assets to use as collateral, we would suggest a secured loan through your local Credit Union. If will cost you less in interest if you can qualify. We can also recommend one company that offers debt settlement services called national debt relief if your debt is over $10,000.00 Disclaimer: America Loan Service is not a lender. America Loan Service has no influence on the lender's decisions and the financial relationship will be between you and the institution providing the loan. Wishing you success in finding what you are looking for. Cheers,

Reply to: Emily G*

Application from: Kayla N*

City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Credit Rating (FICO): 426
Profession: Self Employed / dancer
Amount Requested: $5000
Age: 29
Current Debt: 7000
Yearly Income: 45000
Zip Code: 89148

Message:Trying to find a loan from 4500 to possibly 7500. Thank you!

Reply to: Kayla N*

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