helps consumers improve their credit score by working with the credit bureaus to challenge and repair inaccurate credit reports.

For really low credit scores, credit repair can dramatically improve scores, and quickly. Credit repair works great when there are unproven or inaccurate items on your report. Credit repair companies will aggressively work to remove these items for you, for a fee.

They do this by assessing the reports from the three major credit bureaus, checking the information in your report carefully, evaluating every negative item, and developing a plan for repairing each error.

How will Help? will contact the creditors and the credit bureaus on your behalf. They will request copies of any questionable items and verify the information. If they can find anything that is incorrect or unverifiable, it will be removed from your credit history with all three credit bureaus

Lifetime Value

You will be provided with information that will help you for a lifetime.  They will provide you with the steps to take now and into the future to get your credit score back to where you need it to be.

Plans and Pricing pricing starts as low as $99.95 per month, and there is no contract so you can cancel the service at any time. 

Why Hire a Credit Repair Company is owned by Progrexion, who has over 20 years experience helping hundreds of thousands of consumers with credit repair. Progrexion also owns Lexington Law and giving them an broad understanding of the law and an incredible staff dedicated to credit repair. This team of experts is focused on improving your credit score and this can benefit your financial position for many years to come. A 50-100 point increase in your credit score can save you thousands in interest payments over the life of a mortgage. 

In Our View

After reviewing all of the data on, it is obvious that this team are experts in the field of credit repair. We recommend read through their free credit repair information on the and the CreditRepair site and go through this free information before you purchase their service. They offer a wealth of knowledge at no charge. You can also apply for their service for a month and cancel if you are not satisfied.

Manage Credit Repair on your Own

If you are disciplined and have the time to contact your creditors and the credit bureaus, you can repair your credit on your own. We have provided references below including a link to a free credit report and information to get you to the right departments within the government to repair your credit. Increasing your credit score can save you tens of thousands on interest over your lifetime. Regardless of how you decide to take the step of repairing your credit, we highly recommend you take the time to start now.


Trustpilot had 427 reviews with a 4/5 score on July 3, 2018. The most common complaint was slow response time when calling them. Many people were waiting 30-60 minutes on the phone for someone to discuss your file and being harassed after they canceled the service. With a 4/5 rating, lots of people were very pleased with the service and recommend them.

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